166CM office GIRL


Movie or TV star type doll-电影或者电视明星类型娃娃

  • 168CM Real 100% stereo TPE Sex and adult dollUpper bust: Under the bust of 85CM (Under bust): 60CM waist (The waist): 85 CM hip (Hip): 80CM leg length Long legs): 84 CM shoulder width (shoulder width): 36CM arm length (Arm length) :42CMFoot length: 22CM Thigh length: 82CM lateral thigh: 101CM Leg length: 47CM palm: 16CM neck (Neck): 29CM Depth: 10.5CM 10.5CM Vaginal depth: 15CM Anal depth: 15CM thickness (thickness): 26CM thigh girth: 44CM ,skin color : normal skin color ,wheat packaging size: 160× 42X30CM
  • This adult Doll is sex doll ,this sex doll is 168CM Real 100% stereo TPE adult doll, the sex doll is tight vagina,silk skin Condition,this sex doll  is New.
  • This is a adult doll and this adult doll is real  sex doll ,It is better than human skin ,and  tight vaginal ,It is very good quality ,the sex doll web is http://www.adultdoll.c




Senior female manager doll

  • 34日为什么娃娃比真人还要好?

    Why do adult dolls feel better than real people?

    It is 3D technology that replicates the most beautiful human body, so that there is no difference between the doll and the various parts of the human body. Seeing beautiful and sexy dolls, every person who loves beauty and pursues sex is tempted by this.

    2: Because the material is made of Tpe, it is delicate, delicate and smoother than the skin. When you walk into the body of the doll, from a physiological point of view, I think it feels better than entering the human body. Control, quickly reach the most exciting state.

    3: All your favorite skin products can be used on the doll, and will not cause allergies and dislikes.

    4: You can no longer use condoms.

    5; prevent and prevent various diseases.

    6; Do all kinds of postures that you like to do.

    7; Do not use time and space restrictions, you can use the doll anytime, anywhere.

    8; You can find the type of love you need, according to the goals of your dream lover, the goal is very clear.

    9: You can play without limiting the number of times you want to play.

    10: Are you a disabled person or an old man? Are you in good condition or not? The doll will accept you. You feel the true body and freedom in your heart.













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