Adult big bust doll -163 CM成熟闷骚型三


Height: 165CM

Big breast weight: 33GK

Normal weight: 32GK

Measurements: (big breasts) bust 100 CM waist 55 CM hips: 84M

Down Bust 75CM ,

Skin tone: normal skin tone, White skin tone

Material: TPE non-toxic silicone

Eyes: brown, blue, green optional

Clothes size: adult S code

Function: vaginal, anal, oral, tits


Adult sexy girl  experience lady成熟闷骚型一

  • In our midnight dreams, we always fantasize about the lovers in our dreams and the sexy stars in the TV. We can’t have things, but we really hope to get them. This girl seems to have a mixed blood of the East and the West. Unique temperament, and she is very sexy, her skin is smooth, more than real people Beautiful sexy doll is not only beautiful and sexy, but also has 3 jacks, you can use it at will, touch beautiful skin, and find your dream lover in a tight hole.
  • Body joints are made of special steel links that are flexible and free to rotate to provide more posture.


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